Find Triangle NC Contractors energy efficient buildersAs more and more people become environmentally savvy, there is a greater interest in building energy-efficient homes. Not only do they help protect the environment by producing fewer emissions, but they also save their owners a sizable amount of money. With that in mind, here are ten different ideas that can be put to use in creating a brand new, energy efficient home.

Passive Solar Panels

Solar technology is becoming increasingly common, but passive solar panels take a smart new approach to things. By making the most of the energy from the sun, these panels can keep your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer simply by using energy that would otherwise go to waste.

Go Underground

Earth-sheltered homes are, as the name suggests, protected by a fair amount of turf to help trap heat, and therefore use less energy to heat the home. They can be built either wholly or partly under the ground, and when done right, will last for many years to come. Your very own hobbit hole!

Advanced House Framing

If you want a wooden frame house, then consider using advanced house framing. Advanced wood framing includes some techniques that result in significantly reducing the amount of lumber used while increasing energy efficiency- a win-win situation.

Straw Bales

The “Nebraska style” straw bale approach uses stacked bales of hay to support roof loads, which helps to insulate the house, while another method uses hay to fill in the gaps between your house’s framework.

Log Homes

Houses built out of logs need a little extra maintenance than other homes, but when kept right, provide you with an extraordinary amount of insulation- as well as being beautiful construction.

Cool Roofs

In hot climates, cool roofs can save a fortune in energy costs to cool your home. These reflective roofs merely direct heat energy from the sun away from the house helping to keep the house cooler.

Ultra Efficient Homes

These homes take a highly comprehensive approach to things and are energy efficient from structural building to lighting. Ultra-efficient homes take everything into consideration, from passive solar heating and cooling to solar-heated water and energy efficient appliances.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

While LED lighting is more expensive to install up front, it can make enormous savings over its lifespan, so is a solid choice when it comes to lighting options for your new home.

Conserving Water

You can now buy “low flow” bathroom fittings, which serve to limit the amount of water used to how much you need, and cut off any excess so that it doesn’t go to waste.

Geothermal Heating

While only available in some areas, geothermal heating harnesses an enormously powerful natural resource- the vast magma deposits located deep underground. In the winter, a geothermal system will extract that heat and use it to keep you and your family toasty.