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The Marley – 2046 sqft

Make your home live larger through organization and a few thoughtful design choices!

Small house plans have a number of benefits, but if you’re craving space, it may feel like a small plan won’t work for you. The good news is there are a number of ways you can make a small house plan feel quite a bit larger. If you have a small home or are planning to build — and need to build small — here are some tips to make your small house feel larger.

How to Make a Small House Plan Feel Bigger

The first thing you need to do to make a small house plan bigger is change the feel of the space. You can make the home feel significantly bigger without actually changing its layout. The first way to do this is with color.

For the walls, choose bright, light colors — but not necessarily white, which can have a cold feel. White with a hint of color, or another neutral color palate, will be a great choice. On the ceiling, however, use pure white to make the space feel more expansive.

Find Triangle Contractors small homes

The Bluestone – 2195 sqft

On the floors, go for a dark color. This will stand in stark contrast to the walls, especially if you use a dark-stained wood or wood-like floor. This not only will make the home feel more inviting, but also make the walls seem taller.

Next, focus on clutter. If you have items in your home that aren’t adding value or function, eliminate them. The more cluttered your space is, the smaller it will feel. Most homeowners can easily eliminate at least a quarter, if not half, of their “stuff.” Keep only those items that truly bring you joy or add value to your home, and you will instantly feel the extra space.

Finally, organize your home to let in plenty of natural light. Utilizing windows can make the space feel larger, as natural light can brighten and “open up” the home. If you’re building, choose a home plan with large windows on most of the walls. You’ll be surprised at just how much larger a home with natural light feels than one that is closed and dark.

Find Triangle Contractors small homes

The Padgett – 1784 sqft

How to Increase Space in a Small House Plan

What if you can’t de-clutter and already have used paint and windows to your advantage? Are there ways you can make small home plans feel larger by actually adding space? Of course, you could tackle a major remodel project and add a room to the back of the house, for example. But there are other, simpler ways to increase the useable space in a small house.

First, make sure the home has an open design. If you’re building, choose a floor plan with a large, open entertaining and living area. Fewer walls equals more space. With an existing home, consider removing any non-supporting walls or doors you really don’t need via a minor remodel.

Find Triangle Contractors small homes

The Hardesty – 2124 sqft

Next, determine if any pieces of furniture can be combined into one unit to serve two functions. For instance, if you have a sofa and a love seat in your living room, consider swapping them for a large sectional. It can make your home feel larger to have just one piece of furniture on which everyone can sit. Choose nesting tables instead of a giant coffee table, use an ottoman that can double as storage, and select an entertainment cabinet that houses bookshelves. By letting your furnishings do double duty, you free more floor space for other needs.

Finally, learn to embrace minimalism. The fewer things you bring into your home, the more space you should have. Practice the rule of “one thing in, one thing out” when you add items to your house, and soon you will find that a small home has the space you need.

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