Find Triangle NC Contractors home repairWhen walking through your home, you walk through areas that feel notoriously colder than other parts.  Maybe it’s by a door or near the window, whatever it is, you already know that you are losing money. When it comes to energy costs, these temperature differences are either cold air coming in or warm air going out.  For the majority of households, heating and cooling are the bulk of energy costs, so it would be prudent to do everything possible to decrease these costs. Here are a few suggestions as to how to draft-proof your home and save you money.

Spray Foam

First, find a professional it is not worth the trouble of applying spray foam unless you are a contractor and this is something you love doing. Spray foam works best if you are trying to seal up a crawlspace or rooms that aren’t insulated or finished at all. But getting it right can be difficult. The best recommendation is to find a contractor to help you with this project.

Seal the Crawlspaces

You know those creepy empty places under the home?  That’s a crawlspace, and it affects your heating and cooling costs. Sealing the crawlspace is something you may want to consider when you are making your home more efficient during your next home repair. If you notice that your floors are super cold in the winter, or the floors in different rooms are different temperatures, it might be a good idea to seal the crawlspace to save energy costs.  Other advantages of sealing the space, it prevents moldy air and unwanted critters from getting into the living areas.

Home repairs not only make your home more beautiful, but they also make it more cost efficient and comfortable for you. Imagine never having cold floors again or that moldy smell.  What about being able to sit next to the window on a beautiful snowy day with a cup of hot chocolate and not have to be bundled up due to the draft? Taking the time and investing the money to do these things now will certainly benefit you, and your wallet, in the long run.