FindTriaglenccontractors bathroom renocvationThe kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most commonly used areas in the home. Improvements made in these areas can therefore increase property values significantly. This is especially true, however, when it comes to the bath and shower areas.

Wet rooms are currently among the most popular options in bathroom redesigns out there. With these, flooring is removed and a slip-proof and antimicrobial coating is placed on the floor surface. A central drain is installed in the middle of the room so that kids and adults can splash, clean themselves and have fun without worrying about making a big, wet mess.

In wet rooms toilets can additionally be elevated for one, seamless and uninterrupted floor. High-end shower heads are then strategically positioned throughout the space so that people can enjoy multi-directional spray. These spaces are equally suited to adults and small children. They also make it easier for seniors to continue managing their own self care without risking slip and fall injuries. Spaces like these are incredibly easy to maintain and they are also highly unlikely to develop problems with mildew and mold.

Many other alternative modifications exist for enhancing access to key features for those with mobility challenges. Walk-in tubs are another popular addition for those with waning mobility or chronic pain and injuries. These fixtures can feature therapeutic jets and they are very easy to get into and out of without requiring assistance from others.

People can also opt to enhance these spaces through the addition of frameless shower glass doors. These are designed to give these spaces a seamless and elegant look. They also enhance the amount of area that people have for relaxing, washing up and taking care of aspects of personal hygiene. Additions such as these are also great for quickly and easily modernizing and outdated and overall unappealing space.

Some homeowners simply want to freshen these spaces up by adding in newer and more space efficient amenities and features. Whether looking to have a skylight added to this space to let more natural illumination in or seeking a higher-end and fully-equipped tub that includes therapeutic jets, new additions in this space are virtually guaranteed to boost property resale values and their overall marketability. More importantly, they will also significantly increase both the level of usability and the amount of personal enjoyment that residents get out of this all-important room.