Find Triangle NC Contractors home maintenance checklistAfter experiencing winter for some months, springtime is here, and it’s the best time to start something new. Once the mild winter is over and the weather breaks, you will see people reclaiming their outdoor spaces. Here is a home maintenance checklist for that spring outdoor cleanup.

Inspect the Roof

A roof inspection can save you money now and later on. The homeowner can do a quick visual inspection from the ground.  If needed they can get up on the roof for a closer look at problem areas or areas not visible from the ground. Then every few years it’s good to hire a professional. A professional roof inspector will check the shingles for damage, check the roof covering to see if it is worn and advise replacement and repair when needed.  Making small roof repairs will save on water damage due to a leaking roof later on.

Exterior Walls

During winter, exterior walls can get damaged, especially near the gutters and under the eaves. If you have stucco, wood siding or bricks, water can stain these trouble spots, and cause damage.

Clean Windows/Doors

Cleaning the exterior side of the window/doors in important since it will allow you to detect leakage around the windows/doors. Check weather stripping and caulking that it remains intact. If needed replace weather stripping and caulk around the windows. A tight seal is the first line of defense against water and air.

Power Wash Deck

Pressure wash the deck to remove built up grime, mold, and mildew. If mold is a big problem in your area, treating the deck with an anti-mold solution make help keep it in check throughout the summer months.  Cleaning your outdoor deck will leave it looking new and ensure longevity.  Don’t have a pressure washer?  Use a professional service since they will gauge the pressure to make sure the finish is not damaged.

Clean Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a major step of the home maintenance. After winter, the gutter is filled with sticks, leaves, and pine needles. During spring you need to clean the gutter to avoid blockage that can cause damage.  Depending on the house, this may be an easy task or a difficult task.  If climbing a ladder is not something you can do easily, leave this one up to the professionals.


During the spring home inspection, examining your home’s foundation. If cracks can be seen, hire professionals to examine the cracks and make recommendations. Repairs should employ an epoxy system to bond and cracks chemically.

Getting your outdoor spaces ready for the summer is not easy, but spotting problems and fixing them in a timely fashion will save you time and money later.  Allowing problems to go unchecked will only create larger and more expensive repairs in the future.