gutter guards raleigh ncGutter guards are covers that are placed over your gutters allowing water to flow freely while keeping out debris. They are a great way to keep your home low maintenance.  Why should you invest in gutter guards?  Here are a few reasons:

  1.  If your gutters become clogged, water will be forced to run over the front edge of the gutter and over time, will bend the gutters. Once the gutters are bent, water will continue to run over the front edge of the gutter. When water pours over the gutters it dumps water close to your foundation.  Overtime water near the foundation can cause cracks in the foundation.  Water running over the front edge of the gutter also causes unsightly dark stains on the gutters marring the appearance of your home.
  2. Water from clogged up gutters can leak into the corner of your ceiling and down the inside your walls causing stains and mold – a problem that is not only unattractive, but may cause health issues.  However, with gutter guards, water will stay in the downspouts and be directed out into the yard.
  3. Gutter guards will keep out insects and various creatures who like to breed or build their homes in gutters.
  4. Gutter guards are maintenance free! For the homeowner that means no more climbing up ladders to clean gutters – a potentially hazardous job.

There is no need to let your gutters become clogged with debris that could damage the gutters and cause further problems inside and outside of your home just contact NC Gutter Guys today to schedule gutter guards to be installed on your home.