Demolition-contractor-in-raleigh-ncDid you know that the annual cost of termite damage in the United States is estimated to be over $2 billion? It’s an unfortunate fact of life that any structure built with timber is potentially at risk of termite attack. Whilst fumigators can take care of the termites themselves, they don’t deal with the extensive property damage that termites cause. It may be tempting to ignore the problem – you might tell yourself that “the termites were the real concern”, or “I’ve dealt with the issue…we don’t have to worry anymore”. But don’t bury your head in the sand. Not only could you be deceiving yourself, you could also be risking the safety of your family.  Demolition may be your only solution.

Termites can chew through fundamental supports, floor joist and timber studs, resulting in structures that are dangerously unstable. That damaged structure could be your child’s playhouse, your husband’s workshop or the porch where your wife enjoys spending a lazy afternoon. Don’t leave a disaster waiting to happen. The logical and responsible thing to do is take the bull by the horns and invest in a professional demolition service.

But demolition can’t be that hard,” some people may say. “In fact, I have a cousin/uncle/nephew that could knock it down for you.” A common misconception is that this type of work is simple and easy. The fact is it takes an experienced professional to ensure an unsound structure is safely and efficiently knocked down, without damaging any of the surroundings or putting innocent bystanders in harm’s way. A DIY approach is both risky and unnecessary, especially when a consummate professional like NC Dumpster is on hand to take care of all the hard work.

With over 10 years of experience in the demolition industry, the team at NC Dumpster are both fully insured and ably skilled in the art of residential, agricultural and commercial demolition. Not only will they do all the hard work, they will also take care of the debris removal, so you aren’t left with an incredible mess to clean up. So stop ignoring your termite damaged structure, casually pretending there’s no problem until the day it collapses and someone gets hurt. Do the responsible thing and call in the experts. They’ll professionally remove any damaged structures, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe