gutter repair in raleigh ncYou walk outside your home after a storm and see a large branch was blown down and is lying next to your house.  You look up and then you see it – a dent in your gutter.  So what do you do now?

Gutters can get dents a number of ways: falling debris, hail and ladders being leaned against them.  Do the gutters now have to be repaired or replaced?  Well, that depends.  First evaluate the damage.  Is the dent interfering with the functionality of the gutter?  Is the dent keeping the water from flowing freely?  Is the dent causing debris to build up and clog the gutter?  Is the dent highly visible and ugly thus affecting the aesthetic of your home?  If you answer yes to any of these questions than a repair or replacement is in order.

Before starting any repair, be sure to clean out the gutter so that the dent can be evaluated from both the inside and outside of the gutter.  If the dent is small there are two ways to fix it.  The first way is to use a rubber mallet on the inside of the gutter and gently tap the dent out.  This works well on aluminum gutters since the metal is thin and pliable.

When the rubber mallet method fails, you can try a second method that uses a drill, a metal washer, a screw and a pair of pliers.  Make an ⅛ inch hole in the middle of the dented area.  Place the washer over the hole on the inside of the gutter and insert a screw through the washer and the drilled hole.  On the outside of the gutter, grab the tip of the screw with the pliers and pull out gently.  If the dent is large you may have to drill several holes along the dent in order to repair the entire area.  You can then fill the holes with an aluminum filler or rivets.  Don’t forget to seal the area with caulking.

If the gutter is collapsed or crushed, the gutter will have to be replaced.  The type of gutters (sectional or seamless) will determine if only a section or an entire side will have to be replaced.  If the gutter is not only dented, but sagging or hanging away from the house, further inspection will be required to determine if the gutter just needs to be reattached or if the fascia is actually rotted and will also need to be replaced.

Keeping your gutters in good repair will keep rainwater where it should be – outside your home.  Call NC Gutter Guys for all your gutter needs.