landscaping contractor in raleighThere are countless design strategies that you can use to enhance your property exterior. One of the most cost-effective solutions, however, is to landscape with native plants. These are plant species that are already growing in your nearby locale. They tend to be hearty and easy to care for. Best of all, they provide an impressive range of benefits.

Plant species that are native to your area will thrive in the natural sunlight and water supply. Due to this fact, you won’t have to engage in any aggressive outdoor maintenance. These decorations will serve as a “set it and forget it” type solution. This is true even in terms of fighting off pests. Given that these species are already inherently resistant to local pests, they’ll have their own, built-in defenses and are unlikely to require special treatment.

This is a design option that many people are choosing to use in areas of heavy drought. When water rations kick in, yours won’t be one of the dry, unattractive and fire prone yards. Instead, your space will retain its brilliant, vibrant and bright green appearance even as you conserve massive amounts of water. Plants that are native to drought-prone areas are naturally drought resistant.

Soil impaction, grading and property values are other areas in which these hearty additions can benefit you. You might be tempted to forgo living greenery altogether in favor of synthetic turf, decorative rocks, or recycled glass. These covering do not prevent erosion or promote a balanced and healthy ecosystem in the outdoor area. In fact, some synthetic products are even known to off gas harmful chemicals.

Planting living species in your outdoor area will support a robust and healthy ecosystem while limiting your water use and your overall landscape maintenance needs. At a fairly nominal cost, you can get a hassle-free outdoor design that will retain its aesthetic beauty even when rainfall is limited. You can also limit the likelihood of invasive and destructive pest infestations by using greenery that is naturally resistant to local insects and parasites.