What Type of Flooring Should I Use to Remodel My Bathroom Floor?

Bathroom floors are a little different from the rest of the floors in your house. Not only do they need to provide support, but they also need to be waterproof- and fit in with your chosen bathroom décor. However, they are also an excellent opportunity for you to stamp your mark on the room, and there are plenty of materials from which to choose. If you’re thinking of undergoing a bathroom remodel, then you’ll want to know what options are open to you- and in this article, we’ll take you through them. One of the most cost-effective flooring choices for a bathroom remodel is sheet vinyl.  This only costs a dollar or two per square foot, and comes in 12-foot wide rolls that allow you to get a seamless installation. Unlike vinyl tiling, which can allow water to collect in between the tiles and potentially cause water damage, this sheet vinyl will put up with plenty of use without any issues- and it’s very easy to clean, too. You can even get textured vinyl that mimics the look …
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