What Makes Custom-Made Furniture Superior?

For most human history, furniture was either a simple, rough-hewn wooden structure made by the local carpenter or a carefully crafted piece handmade by a master in the field. Of course, there was an in-between level of traditional furniture, but such was not made commonplace until the widespread use of machining and mass production.

Nowadays, most people buy their furniture either online or from an outlet that mass produces such pieces to make furniture affordable and accessible. That said, custom furniture still exists and is, in some ways, superior to the mass-produced stuff lining shelves and racks in outlet stores and website warehouses.

One of the advantages of custom-made furniture is that it's, well, custom. Unlike mass-produced furniture constructed in standard sizes, a custom piece can fit exactly the space in question. There is no more wasted space. Whether the area is small or large, it can be used effectively.

Another benefit of…

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