How Do You Decide When To Refinish Your Antiques?

To refinish antique furniture or not? This question often riles up a heated debate among designers. On the one hand, some antique enthusiasts prefer to maintain the furniture in its present condition, believing that tampering with antiques is blasphemy and diminishes their value. On the other hand, some old furniture desperately needs a little love, and refinishing the piece extends its longevity – doing more justice than harm.

Furniture Restoration

So, what determines whether antique furniture is worthy of a restoration project? Before investing time and money in refinishing a piece, here are some things to consider.

Worth Refinishing?

Is the furniture unique or a masterpiece? Look for distinguishing features and characteristics that make the furniture an out-of-the-ordinary piece. This evaluation includes the quality of the construction and its age. As a general rule of thumb, avoid refinishing any pieces from the 19th century or earlier – as…

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