Do Demolition Contractors Have Insurance?

When in the business of tearing down structures there is a  need to protect company assets by insuring the business against any mishaps.  Protecting employees, the public, clients and their property is a high priority.  So what types of insurance do demolition contractors carry?

Employer’s Liability Insurance Employer’s liability insurance is required in order to obtain a contractor’s license.  This protects the employees against injury while on the job and is often packaged with workman’s compensation.  This insurance pays the medical bills and the worker’s wages for missed time.  This protects the company against litigation for an injury. Public Liability Insurance Public liability insurance protects the company from any damage or injury sustained by the client, the public or their property.  Even when a demolition is well planned the unexpected can happen - something falls the wrong way or breaks into pieces and scatters.  If property or a p…
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