The Ugly Truth About Tub and Shower Liners

Not all homeowners can fully remodel or replace their tubs. Removing a bathtub for a bathroom renovation can cost a substantial amount of time and money. Yet, some baths have sustained too much damage and cannot be returned to their original condition. Are there alternatives to removal if the tub surface cannot be repaired? A tub or shower liner might be the perfect answer.

Tub and shower liners are acrylic molds that fit perfectly over the existing fixture giving a new look without replacement. Tub Liners are much less expensive than buying a new tub and saving labor costs to remove and replace the old fixture physically. They are easy to install and require minimal downtime for the bathroom (this may be especially important to some homeowners depending on the number of bathrooms in the house).

These are great to give a new polished look to any worn-looking bath. Once installed, these liners are easy to maintain with just soap and water. They are a …

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