dumpster-rentalThe holiday has finally arrived. Your family is packed and ready to go. Just as you’re walking out the door, your youngest child turns to you and says: “Did we pack my inflatable pool toys?” You freeze in horror. You know they’re in the basement somewhere. Maybe they’re behind last year’s Christmas decorations? They could be in the trunk with the broken bike parts? Or perhaps they’re behind that pile of books your second cousin gave you 6 years ago? The point is, they’re down there somewhere, but it will take you hours to sort through the clutter and actually find them.

Did you know that the average person spends around one year of their life looking for something they’ve misplaced? For many people, this game of perpetual hide and seek centers around the basement, the final resting place of countless odds and ends that are not only useless, but are making it impossible for you to find the really important things. What’s the solution? You need to clear out the clutter.

But forget hours spent loading your car with countless bulky and dirty things that need disposing of. The mere thought of the wasted time and the filthy car is enough to put off even the most determined of spring cleaners. Your time is precious, so do the sensible thing and invest in dumpster rental. It’s the fast and efficient way to jump start your basement spring cleaning, with delivery from NC Dumpster usually occurring within 24 hours of you placing your online order. Your job is suddenly halved; with dumpster rental all you have to do is toss your unwanted basement clutter straight out the door and into the dumpster.

The best part is you don’t have to break your back getting this job finished all in one day. With an initial rental period of 2 full weeks, you can take your time and make sure the job is done properly. If you think you need more time, with one simple phone call you can arrange to continue the dumpster rental for as long as you need, for just a small weekly payment. With the task completed, you can stand back and watch with satisfaction as NC Dumpster haul away years of accumulated junk, then head on inside for a well-deserved break.

So don’t put it off any longer. Take control of your life and save yourself wasted hours searching for your family’s hidden treasures. With dumpster rental, clearing out your basement has never been easier or more affordable.