When it comes to your home, bigger is not always better. While big homes offer benefits of their own, a growing number of people are finding that they prefer a smaller house. In fact, small house plans  have several advantages that are impossible to enjoy with a large home. Here are some of the benefits of a smaller house that are worth considering.

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The Satchwell – 2097 sq ft

1.  Less Upkeep
The less square footage you have, the less you have to clean and maintain. For many, a smaller home is more manageable. This frees their time and money to spend enjoying actually living in their home with their family, rather than simply maintaining it. A smaller house layout also allows you to spend less time and energy on decorating your home.

2.  Less Money

Find Triangle Contractors small homes

The Carrollton – 1668 sq ft.

Smaller homes cost less to build, buy and maintain. They also cost less in terms of utilities. Lower electric and gas bills are significant, especially in a day and age with continually rising energy costs. Spending less money on your home means you can put more aside in savings accounts.

3.  Less Environmental Impact
The smaller your home, the fewer resources you are using to build, heat, cool and maintain it. Having a smaller environmental impact is always beneficial.

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The Silvergate – 2401 sq ft

4.  Less Clutter
One of the advantages of a smaller house is the fact that it forces you to have less clutter in your life. You won’t have a lot of room to store unneeded things, so you can live more intentionally and truly enjoy and use those items you choose to keep in your home. If you’re moving to a smaller house from a larger one, you will be able to unload some of those items that you just don’t use anymore, giving you the freedom of less clutter in your life.

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The Ferris – 2115 sq ft.

5.  Wider Seller Market
When you’re ready to sell, you’ll find that a smaller house has a larger potential market of buyers. Smaller houses are, by nature, more affordable than larger houses — and this means more people who can potentially buy your home.

6.  Build Better Relationships
When your family lives in a small home, you’ll have to learn to live together and work together well. You can’t run away from your family members, so you have to work through differences. This helps build better family relationships. Small home designs often have smaller bedrooms and large living areas, encouraging family time.

Find Triangle Contractors small homes

The Courtney – 1859 sq ft.


If you’re ready to embrace the benefits of building a smaller house, Donald A. Gardner Architects has you covered. We have many small house floor plan options for your consideration. These home designs are cozy and welcoming, with modern features and open layouts, but with a smaller footprint. Consider popular designs like The Carrollton or The Dewfield, both of which are less than 1,700 square feet.

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